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Manutech-Sise 2020-2024

LABEX 2020-2024 project has the ambition to extend in the future the MANUTECH “success story” born in 2009 from the pioneering work between LTDS, LabHC and IREIS on laser texturation for tribological components.

From the LABEX 2011-2019 and EQUIPEX MANUTECH-USD born in 2010, MANUTECH has progressively grown to be recognized as one major “place to be” in surface science and engineering, now strengthened with EUR MANUTECH-SLEIGHT focused on light-surface engineering applied to health, energy and security with strong emphasis on the articulation between research and training with Master’s degrees international perspectives.

The present LABEX 2020-2024 will sustain the development of scientific interactions between the two pillar communities “Optics-Photonics” and “Tribology-Mechanics” whose partnership and scientific production is now internationally recognized.