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Management of the consortium 2020-2024

The governance of MANUTECH-SISE LABEX 20-24 project is very close to the one which has been successfully applied during the period 2011-2019, that is, composed of three main committees (Steering, Research and Training committees). Furthermore, the project organization is completed by an International Advisory Board (IAB), according to the relevant comments of the evaluation international committee in 2015. Four internationally renowned scientists have accepted to be IAB members: Pr Marco PAGGI (IMT Lucca) in Tribology, Pr Mikhail ZHELUDKEVICH (Helmholtz Zentrum) in Materials & Surfaces, Pr Francis BERGHMANS (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) in Optics-Photonics, and Pr Gerard O’Connor (National University Ireland) in Light-Matter Interactions.

Scientific coordinators

LABEX MANUTECH-SISE is managed by :

Professor at the Université Jean Monnet, 

Coordonnateurs adjoints : 

Bernard NORMAND,

Mateis, INSA Lyon

LTDS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Aurélie GUILLARME is assistant manager of LABEX
Landline : +33 (0)4 77 91 58 67
Email :

The administrative services of the University de Lyon are responsible for the administrative and financial management of the LABEX.

Steering Committee CoPil

The LABEX MANUTECH-SISE steering committee groups the directors of all the laboratories and founding member companies of the LABEX, or their mandated representatives :
• Project coordinator : Y. Jourlin
• Deputy coordinator : B. Normand, D. Mazuyer
• Institution representatives : UJM, MSE, ECL, ENISE, INSA, UCBLyon 1
• Directors of UMR partners (Mateis, LTDS, LabHC, LCG, LMI, LaMCoS°
• Industrial partner representative : IREIS
• GIE Equipex Manutech-USD representative
• Invited person : C. Donnet, former Labex coordinator

Scientific Committee CoS

The Scientific committee (CoS) is chaired by Pr Bernard Normand (MATEIS). This committee will ensure the strategic and scientific guidelines of the project discussed and defined within the steering committee (CoPil). The Scientific Committee coordinator will have to chair the four axis leaders and to participate to the main axis meetings. He will also have to report on the scientific activity and results of the 4 axes. The objectives are to define a common basis organization for all the axis, composed of an axis decision team involving all the LABEX MANUTECH-SISE 20-24 partners. Each axis should have the same organization with regular meetings and continuous scientific animation (seminar, PhD presentations…), in respect of the scientific guidelines defined by the CoS coordinator (and the CoPil).
• Coordinator : B. Normand
• Institute representatives :

• EUR MANUTECH SLEIGHT representative
• VIAMECA representative
• MINALOGIC representative

Training Committee CoP

The training committee (CoP) is chaired by Denis Mazuyer (LTDS). This committee is dedicated to promote and to encourage impacts of the LABEX MANUTECH-SISE 20-24 project in the training within all the LABEX Institutions, from level L up to PhD.
Coordinator : D. Mazuyer

• Academic representatives : UJM, MSE, ECL, ENISE, INSA, UCBLyon 1
• Industrial representative : IREIS
• GIE Equipex Manutech-USD representative
• Invited : Head of License, Masters & PhD schools

International Advisory Board members IAB

4 internationally renowned scientists have accepted to be IAB members in Tribology, in Materials & Surfaces, in Optics-Photonics, and in Light-Matter Interactions.