MANUTECH-SISE > Axe Scientifique 3


This axis aims to:
  • Characterize structured surfaces for a better understanding of tactile and visual properties.

: the effects of strengthening or antagonism between visual and tactile perception of textured surfaces on the "perceived quality" of manufactured goods
CAPT-3D project: Mapping three-dimensional textures.
  • Functionalize and structure surfaces for optimizing use properties

LIRCOW project
: updatable color laser marking for secure traceability.
EMITEX-ASTORIX Project: surfaces emissivity in the infrared for optimizing the performance of heat pipes in solar thermal power plants.
  • to model the behaviors as leverage to materials engineering.
SCAM Project: Electromagnetic modeling of scattering by thin layers containing metal nanoparticles.
MORPHORHEO Action: multi-mode imaging and image analysis to connect the particle morphology of the resulting degradation of the rubbing surfaces and the rheology of the interface material in a tribological viewpoint.

The aim is not only to develop quantitative characterization methods (adjusted for example on human perceptions), but beyond that, to develop a real materials and surfaces engineering for perceptual specifications or specific interaction with light. We aim for example the development of "low cost" industrial processes for producing multiscale textures giving rise to specific visual effects. The ANR project P2N PHOTOFLEX 2012, which combines three partners of the LABEX, brings together all of these approaches with the goal of achieving photochromic inorganic nanostructured films on flexible substrates.